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Places to Visit Tarquinia

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The Etruscan necropolis of Tarquinia UNESCO…

It covers about 750 acres two miles from the town, in town Montarozzi, is one of the most important of the known be...

Natural Reserve “Le Saline” in Tarquinia

“The Natural Reserve of Animal Population”, established in 1980 is located in Tarquinia Lido in “...

Saint Mary of Valverde

The history of the foundation of the sanctuary contains some decidedly peculiar Tarquinia. His erection is in fact ...

Church of Santa Maria di Castello…

The church of Santa Maria is the most important medieval monument of Tarquinia. It stands on a spur at the western ...

The Town Hall of Tarquinia

Romanesque style, with elements that prelude to the Gothic, was built in the thirteenth century on the route of the...

Palazzo Vitelleschi

The town center is dominated by the Palace, a splendid building of Gothic-Renaissance raised, by Cardinal Giovanni ...
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