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The Baths Ficoncella – thermal baths…

The town takes its name from a wild fig tree, which still exists, situated on top of a panoramic hill. Source close...

“Terme di Traiano” or “Terme Taurine”

The Terme Taurine is a well-preserved Roman archaeological complex is located a short distance from Civitavecchia. ...

Aquae Tauri and the Etruscan necropolis…

The Roman town of Aquae Tauri, born on the source of sulphurous Ficoncella, is the oldest of the port and the city ...

The market

The traditional city market takes place in the town center, at Piazza Regina Margherita. Every day except Sunday, f...

Porto Riva di Traiano

Located south of Civitavecchia, at only three quarters of an hour from Rome, this port, the work of high-tech, eleg...


n this city took refuge for about thirty years (ca. 854-884 AD), the inhabitants of Centumcellae (Civitavecchia) af...
Anecropoli etrusca  peschiera zona Mattonara 072

La mattonara, La Frasca, la Scaglia…

Necropolis of Mattonara, hole of Nero, Torre Valdaliga, Mattonara villa, villa Monnafelice, Roman fish pond, fresh ...

La castellina

The identification of the town is connected to this necropolis, located almost on the seashore, has allowed, throug...

The old center

A dip in the medieval city and its stories. A journey into the past of one of the most important cities of the Papa...

The Old Port

Forte Michelangelo, The Fountain of Vanvitelli, Porta Livorno, The Dock Romana, the Lazaretto At the entrance of th...

The promenade of Civitavecchia: Viale Garibaldi,…

The historic waterfront is the central stretch of Viale Garibaldi and, continuing south along the Viale Thaon de Re...
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