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Places to Visit Tolfa

Monte Cocozzone


On the summit of Monte Cocozzone, accessible by car from the dirt road that starts from Grasceta horsemen in or from the street of the Cave of Allumiere climbing or walking by the road of Marano at the bridge over the ditch of Costa Grande, you can visit the remains of Roman and Lombard and then. The site is located in the middle valley of Mignone, on the northern slopes of the Tolfa mountains.

Documentary sources oldest date back to the thirteenth century (tenimentum Montis Cocozonis); in fact it is named as the neighboring castle of San Giovenale. Appears in the tenth for the years 1274 -1280 the church. In 1282 becomes feudal lord of Viterbo and in 1283 the domain of the Church. The archaeological remains visible today consist of a wall, a large rectangular building, perhaps to be identified with the fortress, and a circular structure. In 1984, an intervention of excavation along the walls led to the identification of a landfill. Were recovered numerous ceramic fragments, paleofaunistici, some coins and scarce metals.

The set of materials seems to confirm the data from written sources that attest to the formation of the settlement in the early thirteenth century, while continuity is attested until the first half of the fourteenth century. After this period several neighboring villages cease to exist.

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